Thinking about visiting, but curious what services are like?

Here’s what to expect.

 Sunday Morning

10 am

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Our Sunday Morning service begins with a time of singing, which is led by Pastor Steve, and accompanied by a piano, organ, and small orchestra. We include a mix of both older and newer songs, focusing not so much on any particular style of worship, but simply desiring that the music we sing reminds us of Biblical truth, inflates our view of God, and helps us express our love for our Savior.

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We strive that each teaching time should be grounded in the Word of God. Our Pastor seeks not to merely preach at us, but to teach us, helping us open up our Bibles and see the truth, wisdom, and hope that lies therein.


Our Sunday Morning service is concluded with an offering, but we do not pressure any to give if uninterested.


We have a nursery available as an option for those with young ones.

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sunday school

Directly following the service is a time for coffee and snacks, with Sunday school thereafter. The children divide into classes by age, while teens and adults meet in several same-gender small group classes, which focus on developing relationships and encouraging one another. A larger, lecture style adult class is also available.


Don’t worry too much about what to wear; you’ll see people in suits, jeans, and everything in between.


On the first Sunday of each month we have a potluck following Sunday school, with a communion service thereafter, and no service that evening. You are more than welcome to stick around for the meal even if you didn’t bring anything.

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Sunday Evening 

6 pm


bible study

Our Sunday Evening service aims at a more Bible-study teaching style, with Pastor Steve reading through and explaining a passage of scripture in a way that encourages discussion and is open to questions and comments from the congregation.

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 Wednesday Evening

6 pm


prayer meeting

Our mid-week prayer meeting begins with a Bible-study teaching time like that of our Sunday Evening services, which is then followed by a time to share prayer requests. We then split up into smaller same-gender groups for prayer.